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Unique Bvlgari Bracelets series for Artisan Jewelry Show

Unique Bvlgari Jewelry series for Artisan Jewelry Show virtuosity provides a perfect creation space, will eventually inlaid diamonds, rubies, and emeralds three gorgeous jewelry Jewelryes appear in front of the world. The mature female charm has been to a proper extent reflected in this Jewelry. Bvlgari Astrale series platinum styles of jewelry Jewelryes the universe magic's popularity has inspired people to explore the relationship of man and the universe, thus promoting the " Astronomy " was born. Carina Lau woman wearing the Giardini italiani senior jewelry series rose gold necklace, Giardini italiani senior jewelry series rose gold earrings, senior jewelry series of platinum ring, I Giardini Di Bulgari series rose golden Tuo flywheel wrist, and grandmother Serpenti series green pearl fish skin dinner package dressed up to attend, years of sedimentation in as if she used the time to the United States and the expression, and draw on essence of garden arts Jeweled competing shine, her gestures of self-confidence and elegance, and senior Bvlgari jewelry noble and beautiful complement each other.

Bvlgari Italy Garden (Giardini) senior jewelry series in the local time in July 7th, Paris advanced custom fashion week bright debut. Bulgari Serpenti senior jewelry series " the ultimate Charm " necklace Bvlgari B zero.1 senior jewelry series is of ancient Greek mythology nine in charge of works of art, poetry and music of the Muses praise. Bvlgari is not only Italian elegance gorgeous symbol and for 27 years of Roman history background proudly Ju Li, design has always been the most contemporary style, especially for the brand itself gorgeous brilliant history hyperchromic.

Diva jewelry series pays homage to the fifties and sixties of the last century in the world the most shining star, they indisputably is known as " sweet life " since the golden age of stunning beauty and charisma of the incarnation. Anti wear anti dazzle sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof nylon ring configuration. At the same time, the wonderful world of heavenly bodies is also deeply attracted to the people of Arabia.

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